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Coding 101: Hello World!

public class HelloWorld {
public static void main(String[] args) {
System.out.println("WELCOME to the TSYS School of Computer Science"); }

— Programming Language: Java



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The TSYS School of Computer Science serves the educational needs of students of the university in the area of computing and the specific educational needs of the businesses and industries in our community. Computing plays a large part in the educational experience of each student at Columbus State University, with the School of Computer Science is committed to playing a leadership role in this process. The school maintains programs for its majors that are current, viable, and applicable to the computing technologies and the technologies of the present and future. And because we serve the community in which we live, we maintain contact with the computing entities of our region, and strive to provide the educational opportunities needed to keep those entities viable for the future.

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  • Honor's Convocation - April 17th
  • Tower Day - April 14th
  • Programming Competition - April 4th
  • Junior Discovery Day - March 7th
  • Annual Southeast Regional Cyber Defense Competition Qualifiers - Mar. 15th
  • Career Fair - Mar. 17th (10:30-1:30pm) followed by Employer Open House
  • Women in CyberSecurity - Mar. 27-28th
  • Computer Programming Competition April 4th
  • Tower Day - April 14th
  • Scholastic Honors Day - April 17th
  • Accepted Student Discovery Day - April 18th
  • Computing Day for 4th-5th grade girls - April 25th
  • Carver High School Hackathon - April 25-26th
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Awards / Recognition

  • Collaborative Computer Game Accepted at Research Symposium
  • Drs. Lydia Ray, Shamim Khan, Yesem Peker, and Rania Hodhod are part of the CSU receiving a " No Child Left Behind " Title II Part A Higher Education IMPROVING TEACHER QUALITY Higher Education grant - " ACT4STEM: Applying Computational Thinking for STEM Disciplines"
  • Graduate student, Hillary Fleenor recently received her second successful seed grant from the National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT) for $3000 to fund a chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery-Women at CSU that will support women majoring in and graduating with degrees in computer science and information technology. Hoda Mehrpouyan, an assistant professor of computer science, agreed to sponsor the new ACM-W chapter at Columbus State University. The grant is sponsored by
  • Dr. Jianhua Yang research paper titled "RTT-based Random Walk Approach to Detect Stepping-Stone Intrusion" has been accepted by IEEE conference AINA 2015.