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TSYS School of Computer Science

TSYS School of Computer Science

Dr. Shuangbao Wang

Professor, TSYS Endowed Chair in Cybersecurity

Dr. Shuangbao Wang


Dr. Shuangbao Wang

Position: Professor
Office: Synovus Center for Commerce & Technology 441
Phone: 706-507-8183
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Ph.D. in IT/CS, George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia, USA

M.S. in Computer Science, Southwestern Jiaotong University, Chengdu, China

B.S. in Computer Science, Southwestern Jiaotong University, Emei, China

Specialty Area

Cyber Intelligence and Risk Analysis

Cryptography and Cryptologic Analysis

Computer Architecture and Security

Video Indexing, Big Data, and Learning Analytics 


Dr. Paul Wang is a Professor at the Department of Computer Science at the Columbus State University. He has more than 30 years of experience including many years of executive experiences in academia and industry. He was the Director of Center for Security Studies at University of Maryland and was previously Chief Information and Technology Officer (CIO/CTO) of National Biomedical Research Foundation (NBRF).

Among numerous awards, Dr. Wang is the recipient of Link Award in advanced simulation and training. Paul has been consultant to many companies over the years. He serves on multiple boards and government and private sector technology committees. Paul was directly involved in drafting of the National Initiatives of Cybersecurity Education (NICE) framework. Paul is very active in cybersecurity field; research includes secure architecture, threat analysis, smart cities and cryptography.

Dr. Wang has authored two books and several book chapters. “Computer Architecture and Security” was published by Wiley in January 2013. In addition to publications, conference speakers and numeral grant activities, Paul has four patents; three of them have been licensed to the industry. Paul Wang received his Ph.D. under Dr. Robert Ledley, the inventor of body CT scanner in 2004.