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Columbus State University is committed to providing a quality, innovative, progressive approach to education in cybersecurity. This encompasses our wide variety of academic opportunities such as the rapid workforce development Nexus Degree as well as our state of the art TSYS Cybersecurity Center training facility that houses the state's first Cyber Range used to train CSU students as well as industry.

CSU is recognized by the National Security Agency (NSA) and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) as a Center of Academic Excellence (CAE) in Cyber Defense education.


Currently, Columbus State University offers the following  academic programs:




TSYS Cybersecurity Center

In 2017 CSU created the TSYS Cybersecurity Center thanks to a generous gift from our industry partner TSYS . The center houses the CSU Cyber Range as well as class rooms and labs for the various cyber degree programs and resides within the Turner College of Business' Center for Commerce and Technology on the main campus of Columbus State University.

The TSYS Cybersecurity Center prepares a strong workforce, promotes technological innovation, expands cutting-edge cyber research capabilities and fosters industry partnerships that influence the development of effective cyber practices in the financial technology (FinTech).

CSU Cyber Range

The CSU Cyber Range is a training simulator environment used for academic and industry hands-on cyber skills training and cyber-technology development. It functions very much like a shooting or kinetic range, facilitating training and tactics. The Cyber Range instantly provides a precise emulation of any network environment, regardless of size, at any level of fidelity. The range can be used to train individuals or teams, evaluate network security tools (hardware and software), perform security architecture testing, and undergo live-fire exercises utilizing over 50,000 versions of malware on an exact replica of a company's computer network providing real life experiential training and results. Scenarios are easily repeatable, improving trainee performance results, leading to reduction of failures and errors in a company's operating and production environment. The Range allows CSU Cyber students to graduate with the hand's on experience that is in high industry demand; setting our graduates apart from other Cyber training and educational programs.