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TSYS School of Computer Science

Computer Science Teaching Endorsement Graduate Program (FAQ)

The graduate CS endorsement program at CSU requires 17 semester hours of coursework consisting of four CS content and two Education courses  shown below. Prior to entering the program, the candidate must have successfully completed a degree in a teacher education field and have obtained a teacher certificate. Candidates who have previously earned a bachelor's degree in computer science or have taken computer science courses at another college or university may, at the discretion of TSYS School of Computer Science and College of Education and Health Professions, substitute equivalent courses for the courses given below. 

CPSC 6103, CPSC 6104, CPSC 6105, CPSC 6106, EDUT 5125, EDUT 5455

Candidates who do not have a background or equivalent coursework in computer science should consider one of the following recommended courses of study while keeping in mind that

  1. )  CPSC6103 is a corequisite for CPSC 6104. (The students can take both in the same semester, but if they take them separately, they must pass CPSC 6103 before attempting CPSC 6104.)   AND
  2. ) CPSC 6103 is a required prerequisite for both CPSC 6105 and CPSC 6106. (The students must pass CPSC 6103 before attempting CPSC 6105 or CPSC 6106.)


Recommeneded Course of Study


Year 1

CPSC 6103

CPSC 6104

CPSC 6105

EDUT 5125

EDUT 5455

Year 2

CPSC 6106