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TSYS School of Computer Science

TSYS School of Computer Science

Student Organizations


Association for Computing Machinery

The CSU ACM is a student chapter of the national ACM. We strive to achieve academic excellence and computing expertise while challenging each other as colleagues. We continuously reach out to the CSU community and share our knowledge and passion of computing in order to enrich the community, and hone our skills as computer scientists.  Together as a team we will enhance our skills, grow as an organization, and improve the computing capabilities of CSU, Columbus and beyond. 

ACM-W and WIT Campus

Association for Computing Machinery Women's Chapter

Women in Technology (WIT) Campus supports and encourages female college students as they move towards a successful future in STEM. WIT Campus builds strong partnerships among students, colleges, and companies, enabling WIT to provide relevant education programs and scholarship possibilities for college women. 


Board Games Club

We meet regularly and play a wide range of board games. 



Georgia Game Developers Association

An association that exists to elevate the video and electronic game manufacturing industry of Georgia. This is also the first student chapter for GGDA


STARS Alliance 

Students & Technology in Academia, Research & Service

In today's technological world, those who understand the technology are those who understand the future. So, isn't it important that we make the playing field even? We want to promote diversity and equality in the tech world. Lets create tomorrow.  


The Black Box Society

A student organization devoted to all things related to computer security, cybersecurity, and information security. Our goals are to facilitate computer security education, grow the pool of qualified information security professionals, and represent our university in cybersecurity competitions. The Society aims to be a premier  computer security organization and produce world class information security talent.