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TSYS Center for Cybersecurity

Columbus State University, in response to concerns raised by local industry, has committed itself to providing a quality education in computer and network security. As a part of this commitment, the University has created a Center for Cyber Defense Education. This center resides within the TSYS Department of Computer Science, located in the Center for Commerce and Technology on the main campus of Columbus State University.

Currently, Columbus State University offers a Masters of Science in Applied Computer Science with a concentration in Cyber Defense. The Computer Science Department of Columbus State University has been offering the Cyber Defense track of the Masters of Science in Applied Computer Science since August 2003.  The first such degree was awarded in May 2003 and there has been nearly one-hundred graduates since then.

The curriculum for this concentration was developed in cooperation with several local industries and trade groups, including Chattahoochee Valley Infragard, a chapter of the national Infragard organization. The curriculum has since been reviewed for compliance with nationally recognized standards in Cyber Defense Education and was recently determined to be compliant with NSTISSI-4011, CNSSI-4013E, and CNSSI-4014E, standards published by the Committee on National Security Systems and the National Security Agency (NSA) of the United States.

As a part of its commitment to the education of professionals in all areas of cyber defense, Columbus State University is now recognized by the National Security Agency as a Center for Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense Education.

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Dr. Lydia Ray  706-507-8174  CCT 429  Director
Dr. Yesem Peker  706-507-8187  CCT 422 Associate Director
for Research
Dr. Radhouane Chouchane  706-507-8175  CCT 430  CD Faculty
Dr. Jianhua Yang  706-507-8180  CCT 440  CD Faculty
Dr. Shamim Khan  706-507-8184  CCT 444  CD Faculty
Dr. Wayne Summers  706-507-8193  CCT 455  CD Faculty
Dr. Shuangbao Wang 706-507-8183 CCT 441 CD Faculty
Dr. Lixin Wang 706-507-8190 CCT 434 CD Faculty


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